Puella Magi Yuuko Magica (魔法少女ゆっこ❤マギカ Mahō Shōjo Yuuko Magika), the first title in the Parallel Souls series, is a production of Ravenfeather Studios under Kohaku Utada as a main producer. The series was directed by Sarah Albarn and written by Webidolchiu94. Yuuko Magica began development after the creation of Eternal Flowers, and is meant to be a prequel to it. It is a spinoff of the ever popular Puella Magi Madoka Magica, and shares many of the same main characters and locations.


In this universe, things have changed. When Madoka made her wish on the night of Walpurgisnacht, it really did change the universe, and not in a way any would expect it to. Houmura wakes up in the hospital, without her soul gem, and discovers that in this world, miracles and magic do exist without selling your soul to a Starfish Alien. There still exist several; "Messengers of Magic" sent to Earth who have the power to grant one wish to a chosen girl. However, that girl must either become a magical girl or go on with her life. Those who choose to fight have to face against Demons and Wraiths, evil creatures born from curses that are responsible for murders and suicides, much like the witches of Madoka Magica. However, the reward for being a Magical Girl is much greater, and the new world, Puella Magi or not, is just as dangerous as before.

Series information

  • Characters — List of all major, minor characters, witches, demons, wraiths and familiars in the anime.
  • Manga — Manga adaptation of the anime's story by Weidolchiu94.
  • Music — Opening theme, ending theme, soundtrack and other related music.
  • Locations — List of locations that appear.
  • Staff and Cast — The people who created the series.

Latest activity

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